How to find ClickOnce Application Directory

21. July 2014 09:18


ClickOnce applications store their data in an obscure directory (i.e. C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\QH85L3CK.1O0\P6HV1J4X.59N\west..tion_945506851464d64d_0003.0002_df3408a05edbe3cf). Sometimes you want to get to this directory to take a look at a log file or check/test settings. There is an easy way to locate this directory when the application is running.

Open Task Manager

Under the Applications tab, right click the application and select go to process (or just locate the process under the Process tab if you know what it is).

Right click the process name and choose Open file location.


Like magic, you’ve found the obscure directory!

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